Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Directions to the Festival

The 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival will be located at 120 Route 522 in Manalapan. It is the Township Municipal Building. Do not worry if you see Police cars there...

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More Publicity

For those of you that get it, we made it in to Manalapan Matters. Check it out!

Also, if you ever see MIFF posted anywhere. Send it on over to manalafest@mtnj.org, and I will be sure to post it up here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Festival Shout Out in 'The Examiner'

Nothing like publicizing your publicity. Here is a MIFF article from 'The Examiner'. More to follow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Judge's Profile - Marla Cukor

Marla Cukor is president of L.R. FILMS, INC., a NYC-area based filmmaking/write-for-hire company. As well, she is also the Vice President of the New Jersey Screenwriter's Network, where screenwriter's can receive advice on their work and  strategy on how to sell it.

An award-winning writer and screenwriter, Ms. Cukor is currently working concurrently on several for-hire and spec projects, including "Invisible Witness," a full-length screenplay she was recently hired to write by Likeminded Entertainment. (http://www.likemindedent.com).   

Her full-length feature script, SIN AND VENGEANCE" (adapted from the best-selling book of the same name) is currently in pre-production in Boston, MA.  (website of the film, here:http://www.beantownproductions.com/). In cooperation with Exit 131 productions, Marla wrote and directed the short film, THE INTERVIEW, which is currently in post-production. Her short thriller, THE MASQUERADE was shot in the summer of 2006, starring "Malcolm in the Middle" star Chris Masterson, and has been presented at dozens of juried film festivals across the US. View a trailer here:www.myspace.com/themasqueradefilm.  

In February 2007, she optioned her horror film, THANKSGIVING DAY.  Her recent thriller LOSING DAYLIGHT,  (a Quarterfinalist in the 2006 Nicholl's Fellowship contest and Finalist in the 2006 prestigious LaFemme Film Festival) is currently under consideration at several production companies and has been optioned twice. Marla is currently vice president of the New Jersey Screenwriter's Network.   She has been a professional journalist/writer for over 15 years in the entertainment biz and is a staff writer at the weekly entertainment magazine, In Touch Weekly magazine. 

She is repped by Kathy Muraviov of The Muraviov Agency in LA,  as well as with Abrams Artists in NYC/LA, and attorney Rick Genow of Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson and Binder.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Judge's Profile - Doug Seidel

A graduate of Rowan University’s Radio/Television/Film production department, Doug is no stranger to taking the lead to create entertaining pieces of work. While at school, he worked on the television program "Big Show of Justice", which he starred, wrote, produced, directed and edited with fellow Justice member Ray Willis. After graduation, he formed Justice Productions, LLC with a group of fellow Rowan Alumni. As President of Justice Productions, Doug has overseen multiple award winning films, including ‘PassionS of the Christ’, ‘Night Light’, ‘Dinner for One’ and ‘The Journal’s Paragon’. As well, Doug is at the forefront of the J-Vlog, Justice’s video blog, which single-handedly won them the award for best marketing at the Project Twenty-One Film Competition of Philadelphia in 2009. Currently, Doug is working on several film projects, including short comedy sketches for the Numa Network.

Along with judging the short films at MIFF, Doug will also be a guest lecturer for the workshop 'Social Media Networking for Film'.

Manalafest Profile - "Rainbow Rabbit Reliant" by Kitt Lavoie

Synopses: Flanked by secret service, the favored daughter of the President-elect arrives to invite her estranged sister to the upcoming inauguration. A decade of differences unravel as the two sisters attempt to resolve an “inconvenient” truth. Written and directed by Kitt Lavoie. Starring Stephanie Casaubon and Jane Pfitsch with Jenny Kirlin and Josh Casaubon.

About Leo's Playground: 
LeosPlayground is an innovative, New York City based production company, founded by Josh and Stephanie Casaubon with the purpose of developing original and artistic material without sacrificing accessibility. 
Each project (film, theater or television) will have a philanthropic keystone and a generous portion of the proceeds will be donated accordingly. 
In addition to production, LeosPlayground serves as a forum for collaboration among emerging artists.

For more information on Leo's Playground, please visit http://leosplayground.com/ and http://www.stephaniecasaubon.com/,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Manalafest Profile - "Minor Details" by Jenna Bush

Synopsis: U.S. soldier James Henderson was a student about to finish his final semester of college when he decided to join the military. There he spent four years learning, wrestling, and teaching until he was deployed to Afghanistan for fifteen months. James is now back in the states working toward finishing school and starting a career. As he readjusts to civilized society, the impact of his experiences in the military are coming to light. James recounts his tale and all he has learned as well as his hopes for a better future for Afghanistan.

Director Jenna Bush with James Henderson
About Jenna Bush Cinematographer/DP, Director, Editor, Original Music/Composer:As a third year film student at the College of New Jersey, Jenna studies Communications, Film, Music, and Interactive Multimedia. In the past two years, Jenna has worked her way up to station manager of the campus television station Lions TV, occupying positions such as producer, director, and crew member. In between shoots and classes, she spends her time building up her portfolio and working her way into the film industry. For the past year, Jenna has been working with film director Christina Eliopoulos on a documentary feature to be called Demon On Wheels. She is learning much from this experience and hopes to continue to expand her horizons in all different creative aspects of the field.

'Minor Details' will be screening on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 at the Manalapan Independent Film Festival.

For more information on Jenna Bush and her film, please check out http://www.jennaashley.net

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Manalafest Profile - "Shelter" by Robert Kolodny

Synopsis: Based on actual events, Robert Kolodny’s SHELTER is the story of Ruven, a Jewish Prisoner who escapes from a Nazi Concentration Camp during work detail and must then survive in the bitter forests of Poland. Ruven must find food, water, and warmth on his own while hiding from German Soldiers. This stream of consciousness work, shows the importance of memory as a basic tool of survival, love as a means to keep warm, and the indomitable human will to survive.

Kolodny and his film 'Shelter' featured in the Asbury Park Press

About the Director: New Jersey born artist and filmmaker, Robert Kolodny is the creator of over 50 short films and video art pieces, receiving widespread acclaim for his work. He has been working in film for the past eleven years. He is the winner of the 2010 National Board of Review Human Spirit Award and a School of Visual Arts Alumni Grant Award, BFA 2010 Film/Video. Most recently Kolodny wrote and edited the short film Dot, which went on to win a New York Women in Film and Television Award, under the direction of Kolodny’s often Producer, Bennett Elliott. Kolodny was also the winner of the 2010 Conscience Circle Avant Garde Video Contest, a finalist in the 2010 Bombshell Film, and a nominee for Best Picture and Best Director at the 2010 Dusty Film and Animation Festival. In addition to his own work, Robert Kolodny has had a long collaboration with Chilen poet and video artist Cecilia Vicuña, creating installations that have appeared in museums and gallery’s in New York City and beyond. Currently Kolodny is working on a feature screen play that he hopes to produce in the coming year.

'Shelter will be screening SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17 at the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival. For more information on Robert Kolodny and 'Shelter' please visit http://www.shelterfilm.com.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The 2010 MANALAPAN INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL has officially opened their box office for pre-order ticket sales. Order yours today, as seats are very limited:

$12 - Day Pass (Grants full access to all the workshops, short films and feature films of the particular day, Oct. 16 OR 17)

$20 - VIP All Access Pass (Grants full access to all workshops and films throughout the entire weekend)

Please contact Susan Lapkin to pre-order your tickets, or if you have any other questions, by calling
(732)446-8303 OR emailing manalafest@mtnj.org

Though seating is limited, you will still be able to purchase your passes during the festival.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here it is, folks. The official schedule of the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival. Keep in mind that this is just a brief outline. Over the next month, you will be able to see on here detailed summaries on the various short films, feature films, filmmaker profiles, workshop hosts, and so much more. Below, you will also see our ticket prices, as well as how to pre-order yours. And now, without further ado:

1pm - Box Office Opens
2pm - Workshop; Auditioning for a Role
3pm - Short Film Block (Red Screening)
        - Monster Goo
        - Dirty Hands
        - A Late Christmas
        - Minor Details
        - Way to go, Christine!
        - Subway 
        - Be Somebody
        - America...The Beautiful?
        - Rainbow Rabbit Reliant
5pm - Workshop; Copyrighting your Work
6pm - Feature Film; Bare Knuckles
7:30pm - Q&A with Jeff Quinlan and Chris Mulkey of 'Bare Knuckles'

1pm - Box Office Opens
1:45pm - Workshop; Pitching a Screenplay
2:30pm - Short Film Block (Green Screening)
             - Shelter
             - Loose Teeth
             - The Party
             - The Proposal
             - Years of our Youth
             - The Ordinary
             - The Test
             - Cinemetropolis
4:45pm - Workshop; Social Media Networking
5:45pm - Feature Film; No Footing
7:30pm - Closing/Award Ceremony

Day Pass - $12
VIP All-Access - $20

Seating is VERY limited. To pre-order tickets or for more information, please contact Susan Lapkin at (732)446-8303 or email manalafest@mtnj.org.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Our Special Guest - Chris Mulkey

The Manalapan Independent Film Festival is pleased and honored to welcome Chris Mulkey to appear as our guest of honor. His film, 'Bare Knuckles,' will be screening as one of our feature films at this amazing event.

Chris Mulkey has appeared in over 70 movies, 25 plays and 80 television shows. Chris continues to deliver the necessary character figure needed in every movie.

His handsomely, weathered look is unforgettable and his well-driven work ethic has found him also appearing on some of television's most watched episodes. As ex-con Hank Jennings in the cult-fave, "Twin Peaks" to his appealing family man portrayal in Lifetime's acclaimed series, "Any Day Now," as well as guest appearances in "Friday Night Lights", "Lost" and "24".  Chris starred alongside Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church in the miniseries, "Broken Trail". Viewers can probably catch Chris, on some channel or another, at any given time. Chris most recently appeared in the film "Cloverfield" and "Saving Grace" on TNT. Look for Chris in the upcoming HBO series "Boardwalk Empire". 

Chris Mulkey (far left) with Spice Williams-Crosby, Jeanette Roxborough
and Martin Kove on the set of "Bare Knuckles"

Along the way, he developed a knack for writing and singing songs. Songs that tell stories about everyday life in the past lane. Songs that paint aural portraits of America and beyond. And, as his acting career reaches an all time high (he'll appear in 6 six films this year) his musical career has taken flight as well. 

Feature Film Spotlight #2 - "No Footing"

Written & Directed by Michael Licisyn
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 82 minutes
Synopsis: All 23-year-old Madison wanted to be was an artist. Now out of college a year and a half, she finds herself no closer to successful career then when she began. Stuck in a dead end job at a local copy shop, her relationships crumbling around her, and a complete lack of inspiration to aspire for more, Madison attempts to jump start her career and get her life started.

No Footing is an independent feature film made with the unmatched passion of a group of filmmakers on a shoestring budget. No Footing celebrates artists of all kinds, meant to give inspiration to those who struggle through post-college life. Shot in HD over the span of 4 months in the summer of 2009 and featuring an uplifting soundtrack, No Footing brings together the best talent in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area to make this film a reality.

Starring Jensen Bucher, Jake Matthews, Derek Lindeman and Michael Ray Bower
For more information on the crew, cast and production of 'No Footing', visit their website

Feature Film - Bare Knuckles

A little bit of what we have in store for you at the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival. The feature film 'Bare Knuckles'.

Written by Robert Redlin; Directed by Eric Etebari
Genre: Drama/Action
Run Time: 97 minutes
Synopsis: Women will go to extreme lengths for those they love and single mother Samantha Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) is no exception. Along with her young daughter, Milla, Sam struggles to make ends meet, taking her licks as a stunt double by day and cocktail waitressing at a rowdy bar at night. When Sam uses her skills to end a bar fight between two drunk women, down and out fight promoter Sonny Cool (Karate Kid’s Martin Kove) sees an opportunity to get back into the game. He tells Sam all about the "show," a high class, underground illegal all female bare knuckle fight tournament, where brutality and elegance mix with high stakes and deception. Is the price too much for her.

Bare Knuckles..... a knockout punch of strength and determination, inspired by a true story.
Starring Jeanette Roxborough, Martin Kove, Louis Mandylor, Bridgett "baby doll" Riley and Chris Mulkey.
For more information on the crew, cast and production of 'Bare Knuckles', visit their website

The Indie Revolution Starts Here

Welcome to the official blog of the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival. This is the one and only source (minus our TwitterFacebookYouTube or LinkedIn pages) for all information on the festival. Posted in due time will be official festival dates, locations, screening times, workshops, ticket prices, trailers, special appearances, among so much else.

So, once again, thank you so much for stopping by. We at MIFF are looking forward to seeing you at the festival and being a part of the Indie-pendent Revolution!