Sunday, September 19, 2010

Manalafest Profile - "Minor Details" by Jenna Bush

Synopsis: U.S. soldier James Henderson was a student about to finish his final semester of college when he decided to join the military. There he spent four years learning, wrestling, and teaching until he was deployed to Afghanistan for fifteen months. James is now back in the states working toward finishing school and starting a career. As he readjusts to civilized society, the impact of his experiences in the military are coming to light. James recounts his tale and all he has learned as well as his hopes for a better future for Afghanistan.

Director Jenna Bush with James Henderson
About Jenna Bush Cinematographer/DP, Director, Editor, Original Music/Composer:As a third year film student at the College of New Jersey, Jenna studies Communications, Film, Music, and Interactive Multimedia. In the past two years, Jenna has worked her way up to station manager of the campus television station Lions TV, occupying positions such as producer, director, and crew member. In between shoots and classes, she spends her time building up her portfolio and working her way into the film industry. For the past year, Jenna has been working with film director Christina Eliopoulos on a documentary feature to be called Demon On Wheels. She is learning much from this experience and hopes to continue to expand her horizons in all different creative aspects of the field.

'Minor Details' will be screening on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 at the Manalapan Independent Film Festival.

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