Monday, September 20, 2010

Judge's Profile - Doug Seidel

A graduate of Rowan University’s Radio/Television/Film production department, Doug is no stranger to taking the lead to create entertaining pieces of work. While at school, he worked on the television program "Big Show of Justice", which he starred, wrote, produced, directed and edited with fellow Justice member Ray Willis. After graduation, he formed Justice Productions, LLC with a group of fellow Rowan Alumni. As President of Justice Productions, Doug has overseen multiple award winning films, including ‘PassionS of the Christ’, ‘Night Light’, ‘Dinner for One’ and ‘The Journal’s Paragon’. As well, Doug is at the forefront of the J-Vlog, Justice’s video blog, which single-handedly won them the award for best marketing at the Project Twenty-One Film Competition of Philadelphia in 2009. Currently, Doug is working on several film projects, including short comedy sketches for the Numa Network.

Along with judging the short films at MIFF, Doug will also be a guest lecturer for the workshop 'Social Media Networking for Film'.

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