Monday, September 20, 2010

Manalafest Profile - "Rainbow Rabbit Reliant" by Kitt Lavoie

Synopses: Flanked by secret service, the favored daughter of the President-elect arrives to invite her estranged sister to the upcoming inauguration. A decade of differences unravel as the two sisters attempt to resolve an “inconvenient” truth. Written and directed by Kitt Lavoie. Starring Stephanie Casaubon and Jane Pfitsch with Jenny Kirlin and Josh Casaubon.

About Leo's Playground: 
LeosPlayground is an innovative, New York City based production company, founded by Josh and Stephanie Casaubon with the purpose of developing original and artistic material without sacrificing accessibility. 
Each project (film, theater or television) will have a philanthropic keystone and a generous portion of the proceeds will be donated accordingly. 
In addition to production, LeosPlayground serves as a forum for collaboration among emerging artists.

For more information on Leo's Playground, please visit and,

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