Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Our Special Guest - Chris Mulkey

The Manalapan Independent Film Festival is pleased and honored to welcome Chris Mulkey to appear as our guest of honor. His film, 'Bare Knuckles,' will be screening as one of our feature films at this amazing event.

Chris Mulkey has appeared in over 70 movies, 25 plays and 80 television shows. Chris continues to deliver the necessary character figure needed in every movie.

His handsomely, weathered look is unforgettable and his well-driven work ethic has found him also appearing on some of television's most watched episodes. As ex-con Hank Jennings in the cult-fave, "Twin Peaks" to his appealing family man portrayal in Lifetime's acclaimed series, "Any Day Now," as well as guest appearances in "Friday Night Lights", "Lost" and "24".  Chris starred alongside Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church in the miniseries, "Broken Trail". Viewers can probably catch Chris, on some channel or another, at any given time. Chris most recently appeared in the film "Cloverfield" and "Saving Grace" on TNT. Look for Chris in the upcoming HBO series "Boardwalk Empire". 

Chris Mulkey (far left) with Spice Williams-Crosby, Jeanette Roxborough
and Martin Kove on the set of "Bare Knuckles"

Along the way, he developed a knack for writing and singing songs. Songs that tell stories about everyday life in the past lane. Songs that paint aural portraits of America and beyond. And, as his acting career reaches an all time high (he'll appear in 6 six films this year) his musical career has taken flight as well.