Friday, September 10, 2010

Feature Film - Bare Knuckles

A little bit of what we have in store for you at the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival. The feature film 'Bare Knuckles'.

Written by Robert Redlin; Directed by Eric Etebari
Genre: Drama/Action
Run Time: 97 minutes
Synopsis: Women will go to extreme lengths for those they love and single mother Samantha Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) is no exception. Along with her young daughter, Milla, Sam struggles to make ends meet, taking her licks as a stunt double by day and cocktail waitressing at a rowdy bar at night. When Sam uses her skills to end a bar fight between two drunk women, down and out fight promoter Sonny Cool (Karate Kid’s Martin Kove) sees an opportunity to get back into the game. He tells Sam all about the "show," a high class, underground illegal all female bare knuckle fight tournament, where brutality and elegance mix with high stakes and deception. Is the price too much for her.

Bare Knuckles..... a knockout punch of strength and determination, inspired by a true story.
Starring Jeanette Roxborough, Martin Kove, Louis Mandylor, Bridgett "baby doll" Riley and Chris Mulkey.
For more information on the crew, cast and production of 'Bare Knuckles', visit their website